Truth be told: how life as an unfotogenic traveller is

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I follow a lot of travellers on instagram and besides wanderlust their shots always cause a kind of melancholy in my heart when I see their perfect shots –  and how perfectly they look in the photos! Then I compare those photos to mine and… well, today I decided that not only I and my photographer (mostly my partner in crmie Marc who knows too good how to take bad photos of me) should laugh about the photos of an unfotogenic traveller, but also all my other friends and whoever finds this post! (You’re welcome)

Food always makes me look insane



Maybe I liked the Macarons a little too much…

2. Excitement too


Mum doesn’t like my smile and I’ve no clue why (hi Mum, I hope you read this! But no worries, I love you anyways!)




3. But excitement can quickly turn into disappointment…

My Koh Phi Phi-was-such-a-disappointment-face

3. Or the „Did I really do this“-photos

Like Jeez did I really dress myself like van Antje?
Or like ‚did the wallaby really try to attack me while I was taking a selfie?!‘
Or like ‚did I really hold my nose while I was sliding down a waterfall? Am I an adventurer or what?!‘
Gib eine Beschriftung ein

Or “Did I really dress myself like the Michellin man?” (Actually it was necessary because I came from OZ with only bikinis and shorts in my luggage and it started snowing in Croatia”)

4. and the photobombings

if you photobomb me…
… I’ll photobomb you!

5. Or the „I can’t do anything wrong I’m underwarter“-photo (I CAN, by the way!)

Nooo, you can’t look bad underwater…

5. and last but not least… how you look after a coffeine shock

Never, ever drink a whole bottle of Slovakian cinnamon coke by yourself!!!

Okay, I could go on forever, there are soo many more pictures. But what can you do to look better at your photos?

Practise some poses


Just simply don’t know that someone takes a photo of you.

That’s working for me all the time – and that’s why my boyfriend still gets the best shots of me (yes, some really exist!). Everytime I don’t know someone takes a photo I act naturally – and this of course looks better!

Pictures from your back

Not only will it look nice (I actually love pictures from the back as long as they’re not too posed) but also you don’t need to worry about your face (such a plus for me)!


So what I want to tell you is: a) it’s not bad if you’re unfotogenic, you better b) just make fun of yourself and c) you can still manage to get some great travel photos of yourself! Who knows how long it takes all these glamorous and photogenic travel bloggers till they get the perfect shot! ;)

4 Kommentare

  1. Great blog! :) I really love it!
    I am laughing my *ss of as I looked through the photos and I realized how much I miss being around Janna and you..
    Looking forward to the next blod entry..

    Gefällt mir

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