Everything that can go wrong on a long-term flight

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I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain, the plane didn’t crash down which probably is the worst thing that can happen on a flight. Even if the worst case scenario didn’t happen (thank god) I’d still call my two flights from Melbourne to Shanghai and from there to Munich the worst travel experience I ever had (and believe me, I’ve done a lot of shit things – even intercontinental flights with low cost airlines!).

I was flying with Airchina and of course I knew this wouldn’t be the best airline and I would feel a little lost between all the Chinese people but 200 bucks cheaper than all the other airlines was reason enough for me to book airchina.

Already the booking was a problem (and I immediately knew it was a mistake to fly with airchina – I mean if they even have difficulties with the booking how the hell will they be able to fly a plane?!?!). I tried to book my ticket three times and everytime the booking was almost proceeded their server was down. When they suggested me to call my credit card institution I suddenly started panicking, called them and they told me that airchina already took the money for two flights from my credit card while I didn’t even get ONE seat! But hey, they answered my mail, fixed the problem and I got my money back (four weeks later)!

A couple months later it finally was time to fly with airchina and oh my god next to me was an old Chinese man sitting and drinking beer and… wait did he really do that???… yes, he was burping!! Oh my godness. You can’t imagine how chinese beer-burps smell like… Oh yeah, and my board computer didn’t work… never mind I got a book in my bag…

But then it got worse. Really worse. I was stuck at Shanghai Airport for six hours – inside the airplane! In total, I spent 18 hours in an aircraft which, you may agree, is not the best experience. Originally the plane was about to board at 1 a.m. and I was tired like what and fell asleep the moment my butt touched my allocated seat. Two hours later I woke up. And was confused. Because we haven’t moved an inch! Well, I didn’t really care because I was still super duper tired and fell asleep again. When I woke up again, four hours after our planned departure, and could still see Shanghai Airport when I looked out of my window I got really confused (and really pissed off). 6:30 we FINALLY MOVED!!!

18 hours after entering the aircraft we arrived in Munich. And of course, not only my flight was late but also the f*$%/!)§%$ing luggage was late!!!! Usually, I’m a patient person but not when I’m flying back home from my 5 months Australia adventure and can’t wait to see my boyfriend again.

Maybe I should add my boarding computer just to show you HOW BAD it was to be stuck in an airplane for 30 hours in total: on my first flight my boarding computer was broken. Well, I had a book so I didn’t complain. On my second flight my boarding computer was working but there were only two English movies available: The Fault in our Stars and Lucy (I know them both by heart now). Maybe I should also mention the crew’s English which actually was non-existent – they didn’t even know the difference between yes and no!!!!!!

So if I sum it up: The flight was awful. But also awfully cheap. Which means I would always book through airchina again if they offer the cheapest tickets (oh Lord, I can’t wait to earn more than minimum wage!)

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