Byron Bay Bliss and what not to miss

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Okay, actually I missed a lot in Byron Bay (I had a good reason though) and I wish I hadn’t but that’s life sometimes.

So what happened in Byron Bay?

A lot of blissful things still.

It all started with my dolphin encounter on the sea. I was always fascinated by dolphins and one of my biggest wishes was to see some in their natural environment real close. I once spotted dolphins on a cruise ship approximately 50 or 100 metres away and just identified them as dolphins because they were jumping in and out of the water all the time – so now it was time to see the dolphins close! That was my aim for my stay in Australia. And my whish became true.

There were several dolphin options I had in OZ, like feeding them or swimming with them but that was not really naturally (and dolphins don’t like to be touched and I didn’t want to do them any harm), so I decided to grab a kayak, paddle into the ocean and wait until they come to ME! I chose the Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay tour who equipped me with a wetsuit, a kayak, a helmet and an experienced guide who knew where to go.

Best. Choice. Ever.

I don’t have pictures of that experience as I don’t have a waterproof camera (yet, I’m working on it) but so many priceless memories. The dolphins came real close (there even was a baby dolphin!) and did what they usually do: they played! The jumped in and out of the water, pushed the water out of their backs (I could even hear it) and made me the happiest person on the planet for the moment. It was pure bliss.

The bliss just ended abruptly when it was time to get back to the shore with my kayak. The waves are quite high in Byron Bay, I knew that, but I didn’t know they could pull me out of my kayak and push me underwater. Oh lord. I swallowed way too much saltwater. And felt awful. So after this beautiful morning I didn’t feel like walking the complete Lighthouse Trail I had planned to do after my kayak tour. But I didn’t want to miss all of Byron Bay so I played the lazy tourist who just drove up to the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse, paid too much parking fees up there and wandered around the lighthouse area.



It was nice, indeed, but actually I didn’t like Byron Bay as much as many many other travelers did. Maybe it was because it was just a short visit, maybe not – but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my day in Byron Bay. :) I’d always come back to see what I haven’t seen the first time!

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