Hey folks! – our mission

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Hello, Guten Tag, Bonjour, Hola, Bem Vindo. We’re happy that you are visiting our travel blog!
Who we are? We’re Janna and Marlena, best friends ever since we met at university and both “very passionate” about travelling (underestimation of the year!). We’ve already travelled a bit and don’t intend to stop so soon (if we don’t travel it’s just because we need to earn some money and need to finish our university degree). You can learn more about us very soon here! If you want to learn more about our mission, continue reading.
So what are we doing? We’re travelling, of course. :D But our mission is to go beyond the tourist parts of a city or a country (we’re not always successful but we work on it!), be conscious, remember our cultural awareness and respect, travel as cheap as possible, experience loads of adventures and – of course – share all our adventures and experiences with the world! Because the beautiful places and hidden gems of this world are meant to be shared! So stay tuned!


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